About Corey

About Corey

Corey Alexander

Race Bike: 2011 Suzuki GSX-R600
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 150 lbs
Turned Pro: 2010
DOB: 5/23/94
Residence: Carmel, New York

    Corey was born with motorcycle racing in his blood. As soon as he could ride a bicycle he began learning to ride on a jr. 50 and was soon tearing it up where ever the local district 34 race series took him. As he grew so did his passion for motorcycles. Corey spent a lot of time at his family owned motorcycle dealership Hudson Valley Motorcycle based out of Westchester NY. Before Corey had reached his teenage years he had already as much as experience as most adults. Corey’s uncle, Richie Alexander who is a well known figure among the AMA Roadracing paddock and throughout the motorcycle industry also raced as a professional and won the 1998 AMA 750 Supersport championship. Richie saw potential in Corey and his natural abilities on a motorcycle.

    When Corey turned 12 Richie had him try riding Supermoto for the first time. Corey loved it and was immediately very fast. In 2007 Richie had heard of a series that was coming about called the Red Bull Rookies Cup and decided to sign Corey up for the try out. Richie put Corey on a 125cc roadrace bike for the first time months before the tryout. Corey showed up to the try out with very little experience but some how managed to impress the judges and was selected to spend the racing with Red Bull along with 22 other kids. Corey learned a lot throughout the 2008 season and had some ups and downs. All in all it was a learning experience.

As 2009 rolled around Richie decided to take sometime before the transition to a 600 and had Corey ride an SV650 throughout the 2009 season. As Corey became more confident and continued learning, getting faster, and just having fun he was ready for the transition. At the end of the 2009 season Corey had found out he needed surgery on his lower knee and spent a couple of months healing from that. In April 2010 Corey road a GSXR-600 for the first time at Jason Pridmores Star School and loved it. A few months later Corey was diagnosed with lymes disease and mono at the same time. During treatment he could not ride nor train so it took a few months out of Corey’s season. After debuting in Corey’s first season with a top five, he is now just in his second season Corey and has obtained his first professional win, has had numerous top 5 finishes, and finished third in the AMA Pro SuperSport West Coast Championship. Things can only continue to get better for Corey and his career so please continue to follow his progress!